​​​Power Wash, Window Cleaning, Gutters, Waterless Car Wash, Deep Cleaning and disinfecting.  

window and Solar Panel Cleaning

Water less car wash service:

Having your car cleaned has never been easier and environmentally friendly.

We clean your vehicle using an 8 Oz eco friendly formula,

that can perfectly clean and leave your car shining without the waste of water. 

Simply Order your Wash Me water less car wash from the comfort of your home, apartment or office.

You can do it Online or just call us (650)533-9673.

Select your Wash day for a one time or recurrent car wash service.

On the day of your Car Wash leave your car ready.

Before your cleaning service you will receive a text to let you know we are on our way.

You will have your vehicle cleaned by highly trained, friendly and reliable Wash Me technicians .

When service is done you will receive a notification via text. 

This service can be for private or commercial vehicles.

Check out our different packages or just contact us for a customized car wash needs.


Water Less

car wash

Gutter Cleaning

move in/out   deep cleaning and office cleaning

Power wash

Residential Power wash:

We can take care of your power wash needs for residential home:

Our services are: all exterior cleaning including your backyard, drive way, stairs, around the pool,  walls, fence deck, paths, walk ways, or anything you decide to have power wash.

You name it! we wash it.

​Business Power wash: 

Keep your business building clean.

We can serve you on a on going basis. Please let us know how can we better assist you to maintain a cleaner image of your company and how often. We offer different packages depending on your needs. 

We make your home or business' windows shine.

Inside windows are cleaned with a squeegee by hand. 

Exterior windows are cleaned from the security of the ground, for up to 4 stories,

using deionized water and a water fed pole. 

Complete interior and exterior window cleaning service includes cleaning screens, frames and tracts. 

Solar panels cleaning service. 

Solar panels are cleaned using a water fed pole and a special brush leaving them working at their 100% capacity.​​

Gutter cleaning service :

Are your gutters clogged ? Did they have a dirty appearance on the outside? 

When was the last time you had them cleaned?

Wash Me can take care of that for you.

We remove all debris, leaves, moss, and other gunk that can damage your gutters,

and we make sure down spouts are clear. 

While we are cleaning the gutters, we can power wash them on the outside.

Let us know how can we better serve you.

Office cleaning service:

Our office cleaning service includes: Restroom detail cleaning, kitchen cleaning, wiping and disinfecting all surfaces including cabinets, door nobs, light switches, desks, floors and appliances, undust printers, screens desks, vacuum carpets and sofas, take out garbage, clean windows. 

We can visit you daily, weekly, monthly or at your best convenience.

Send us an inquiry to start.

Deep Move in/ out cleaning:

This service includes deep cleaning of  Kitchen, and kitchen appliances, cabinets and drawers,  disinfecting bathrooms, bedrooms, all living areas, closets, laundry room, baseboards, light fixtures, light switches, floors, carpets, garage, and every corner. The house will be ready for you to sell it or to move in. 
This service is perfect for empty houses/apartments for a move in ready service. Ask for more information.