Who is Wash Me? 

​​​Power Wash, Window Cleaning, Gutters, Waterless Car Wash, Deep Cleaning and disinfecting.  

Wash Me is a Mobile Cleaning Service company that offers a variety of services for your home or business. 

Our team is formed by responsible, clean, reliable and a professional people.  

We are fully equipped and trained. We are licensed and bonded.

What are our areas  of service?

We serve  Peninsula Bay Area and South Bay in CA.

Who can use Wash Me services?
If you are always busy and you never get to finish any cleaning project at home, WASH ME is the service you are looking for.

If you are a Real State agent, office manager, property management, restaurant manager, gas station owner, or a business owner who would like to have a clean space for your costumers and employees this is the company that will make your life easier.

What services can Wash Me provide for you?
We can wash your windows and solar panels, clean and unclog your gutters, power wash the exterior of your home or business, clean your deck and fence, clean your cars and even clean your office.

What are hours of service?
Our hours of operation are extended so that you can schedule during or after normal work hours. 

How Can I contact a Wash Me service?

You can contact us:

Directly by phone (650)533-9673 

By email: washmerwc@gmail.com

By doing an online inquiry in our web page www.washmerwc.com 

How should I prepare before Wash cleaning?

If you requested a car wash:

Prior to the Wash Me service day make sure your windows are rolled up, and that you have removed anything valuable from your vehicle, leave your car unlocked or request your technician to contact you. 

If you requested a power wash:

Remove anything that could interfere with our cleaning. 

If you requested a Window cleaning: 

If Interior and exterior windows are contracted you don't need to worry about anything out team will take care of everything. 

If exterior window wash has been contracted the screens have to be removed prior to the wash service.

What type of payments does Wash Me receives?

You can pay online (a link will be given to you after work is finished) 

Or just give us a check or cash.

Are Tips allowed?

Yes! Even when it is not obligated and our staff will always perform at their 100 %, they always appreciate that extra incentive.  

What costumers say about Wash Me?​​